The Horror Story behind Nina Bobo Song

Have you ever sing Nina Bobo to your younger brother/sister? "Nina bobo, ooh Nina bobo. Kalau tidak bobo, digigit nyamuk. Bobo lah sayang, bobo anakku, kalau tidak bobo digigit nyamuk"

I don't know whether this story is true or not, but you shouldn't read this post at night, or you will can't sleep! :P

Actually, Nina in this song is a Indonesian-Dutch children who was born in 1871. Her full name is Helenina Mustika Van Rodjnik. Her mom is a Javanese dancer and her dad is a Dutch named Van Rodjnik. When Helenina still very young, she often couldn't sleep at night, then her mom always sang a hum to made Nina slept. She couldn't sleep before before her mom sang for her. Then Van Rodjnik asked her to make the lyrics of the hum. In Nina's house there were many mosquitoes every night, so her mom made the lyrics like we used to hear right now.
In 1875, Helenina was really ill. She got high fever, and it was prolonged. So every night, her mom sang to her to made Nina slept. Then in 1878, Helenina passed away when she was still 6 yeras old. Her mom couldn't take her dead. A week later, Van Rodjnik found his wife sang Nina Bobo in the bathroom. His wife said that she heard Helenina's cry there. After that, because of deep sadness, she often sang that song.
In 1929, Helenina's mom passed away. Van Rodjnik lived alone in his house. A few horror things happened in the house, like voice of baby's crying, but he didn't care about that. One day, in the midnight, he was awoken by a crying girl and said, "Papa... why you didn't sing for Nina?" After that incident, he had kind of distracted mind. Finally, he always sang the Nina Bobo song every night, alone in his room, until he passed away. BELIEVE IT OR NOT?

3 Responses
  1. Hi Anggia. Thanks for shared. I was so interesting and curious to search the another and full story of this story. So far I find the story may be creepy but sadly I think why we are Indonesian only expose the creepyness of sad story? Can we tell something good from this?

    PS: I mean sorry to say but I found there's also a good story even it was lying the graveyard. When we do try to understand what the massage of the death sometimes it's more wonderful than the story from living being. What's important is what the massage of the story not only the all about creppy and horror but it has something good and to do for us-the living being? Thanks.